Cooked up from scratch by hand right here in Houston, Highway Vodka is true grain to glass vodka!

Our process took about nearly 8 years to perfect (and about 3.5 years to get our manufacturing license). Hundreds of batches — and a whole lot of drinking — resulted in the final product we have today! 

A unique strain of hemp, locally sourced corn, and water from our artesian aquifer round out the grain bill of our mash. After mashing, it is then transferred to the fermentation stage where it will sit for a period of one to one-and-a-half weeks. 

During that time the hemp acts as a super fuel to the yeast, performing the conversion from sugars to alcohol. At the same time, a thick layer of hemp oil forms at the top of the fermenter. We distill on the grain, basically meaning we throw everything in the fermenter into the still!

We distill it 6x, only keeping the hearts of the run to preserve some of the nuance of the grain and oils from the hemp and corn,

This yields a smoother product that has a noticeably different viscosity and mouth feel than other vodkas. This is a hemp vodka to be enjoyed!

If you’d like more information, or want to carry our premium vodka in your store or restaurant, please feel free to contact our Houston vodka distillery.