Hemp is truly the miracle plant you have been hearing about!

We could go on for days about all the benefits of using hemp in our daily lives. Let’s just say we at The Highway Distillery are big time believers of this plant. As used for our purposes, the plant aids us in numerous ways. Without giving up all the details of our 7 years of trial and error, hard earned research and drinking a lot of sub-par spirits, we will share a few details. After all, the colonel still has not divulged the 7 herbs and spices and McDonald’s still has not told us what the hell the secret sauce is!

The use of hemp at The Highway Distillery helps us provide a nuanced, balanced, unique spirit with a character unlike any other in the world. By using the plant from the very beginning of our process in the grain bill, the plant helps us throughout the entire process of producing our spirit. The myriad of benefits derived from the use of hemp change as throughout the process as the form of the plant changes. Meaning, depending on where we are in the process of making our spirit, be it mashing, fermenting, distilling, or even filtering, hemp is there doing something unique to create something unique. And most importantly, helping to create a phenomenal, easy drinking spirit unlike any the world has ever seen. Until now.

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